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heart. >> that man is the mayor of west texas. officials held a news conference saying that the danger more explosions has passed but air quality officials are monitoring potentially dangerous fumes coming from the plant and a nursing home had to be evacuated when part of the roof collapsed after the blast. injuries are reporting there. the mayor says the city is trying to set up a hotline to find loved ones and police are checking on residents door-to-door. most injuries are from cuts from flying glass. there is no indication this is anything but an accident but it is being treated as a crime scene as a precaution. >> our abc7 news reporter is headed to west texas and will have live reports on abc7 news and tweet updates for us. stay with us for continuing
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coverage of the plant explosion with updates on and follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea for breaking new developments. >> officials combing surveillance video are saying they have significant progress on the bombing at the boston marathon. there is new information this morning making officials confident that they can solve this case. today is about grieving, president obama and the first lady will be at this church to comfort the heartbroken city. three days after terror. today a grieving city tries to heal. president obama and the first lady will join boston residents at a service later this morning dedicated to victims of the marathon attack. they will remember those who were killed, 8-year-old martin
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richard and 29-year-old krystle campbell and a native of china and pray for the nearly 200 people who were injured including those still in the hospital. also this morning, a major break in the investigation, authorities believe they now have a clear image of the suspected bomber. the f.b.i. is examining photographs including some taken at a lord&taylor store showing a man near the finish line with a cell phone and a black back across his chest. if the f.b.i. has a face from the video at the lord & taylor or from local division, they may be able to use facial recognition software so run the face against databases. >> in addition to video and foes the tech agents are examining debris in the remains of a pressure cooker recovered at the crime scene. >> they can identify the items down to, perhaps, the type of bag, the type of axle rapt, the
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type of detonator, all that becomes extremely important in a trial if you can match those items to a particular suspect. >> in addition to speaking of the victim, president obama will talk about the first responders and the heroes. >> the 11-year-old martinez boy injured in the bombings is recovering from more surgery. aaron hern suffered a deep thigh wound and other injuries while watching his mom finish the marathon. she says his surgery went well and no skin grafts were needed. the family is getting support from several businesses with half a dozen restaurants in martinez holding fundraisers to help the family with medical and travel costs. >> a way do show your support for aaron hern is to share this "get well soon badge" on
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facebook. >> san francisco police were investigating after their officers shot and killed a man accused of stabbing his own brother-in-law. it happened in the portrero hills neighborhood. the suspect called 9-1-1 to report the stabbing around 9:45 and police got there in minutes of the call and they say the suspect came after them with a hammer. the police chief explains what happened next. >> the officers ordered the person to step his advance and he continues the advance. an officer fired upon the suspects, and 9 suspect went to the ground and this is corroborated by independent witness testimony. >> the victim suffered serious injuries do his head, arms and chest but he is expected to survive. >> this morning, you can feel it is chilly. >> that is because of the lack of wind. mike?
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>> we have been talking about no wind, nothing to keep the manufacture stirred so that is why the cold heavy earth sinks and the warm air prices and why we have cooler conditions this morning. we have dry air out there and you can see on live doppler 7 hd no radar runs. the air mass as far as pollen is concerned has been rough all week. from sutro tower in san francisco, all the way to albany, and emeryville, and parts of oakland, and berkeley, we will see what will happen in the next 12 hours, waking up 40 to 50 degrees through 7:00. a few areas are cooler at 37 right new in half moon bay. by noon, we are at 60 at the coast to 69 inland so mild. much calmer, too, so you can head to your favorite patio or restaurant and enjoy it. 63 do 77 at 4:00, and 60 to 70 is our spread at 7:00 from the bay toward inland neighborhood. check out the next three days, tomorrow is about like today.
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we have halted the warming and and it surges back in the forecast with mid-80's inland and low 60's at the coast. have a good one. leyla gulen? >> we have mass transit delays. if you are going to be using bart this morning, because of the police actist happening in san francisco, south of union square, between market, 3rd street and montgomery stations the escalators are shut down because of a suspicious package and bart leaves san francisco and headed to pittsburg we have a 10-to-15 minute delay. that is due to early maintenance. we also see a problem from west oakland to sfo because of mechanical problems. watch out for that problem. the great highway is shut down because of high winds early this week that blew a lot of sand on the road. the commute out here, we are seeing fog that could affect it.
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>> next up, help for struggling homeowners, the checks awaiting some people after a multimedical settlement. >> poison letters sent to capitol hill and authorities have arrested someone for the scare. >> community leveled in a massive blast from west, texas, after a
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>> this is abc7 news. >> a hearing the be underway in san francisco to discuss establishing a buffer zone at women's health clinics to expand privacy protection of 25' would keep protesters away from front entrances, exits and driveways of facilities providing reproductive health care services. large crowds representing both support and opposition to the legislation are expected to attend today's hearing. supervisor introduced the ordinance after women were being harassed by aggressive protesters outside the city's only planned parenthood facility. >> mississippi man is in custody in connection with poison-laced letters sent to rebound and a united states senator. the 45-year-old paul curtis is cooperating with authorities. the f.b.i. says both letters
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were signed by "kc" and contained ricin. >> the wife of an ex-judge has confessed to her role in the death of prosecutors in texas and accused her husband of being the triggerman and is held on $10 million bail and charged in connection with the shooting death of the d.a. and his wife and assistant prosecutor. eric williams has not been charged. >> millions of homeowners struggling with foreclosure are receiving checks to settle a $3.6 billion lawsuit against major banks. however, after all of their struggles, many of the checks bounced. 4.4 million homeowners will receive refunds. a settlement was reached with 13 companies last year. the checks just started going
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out to homeowners but now many say their banks would not cash them. federal regulators did not identify the problem but they said it has been fixed now and folks can cash the checks. so far, 50,000 homeowners have received payments ranging from $300 to $125,000 each. >> paying close attention to the forecast yesterday i told the kids today to wear shorts and short sleeves and this morning it is cold. >> exactly. one of those days you have to change the wardrobe according to the conditions. we will look and show you what is going on as far as the warm weather in oakland. the next seven days check this out. you will be in the mid-70's and dip down to 73 friday, saturday, but look at 80's are in the future so it gives you an idea of how warm some areas around the bay are going to be. good morning, oakland, live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is this morning, the dry still air is yielding some cool conditions. look how calm it is this morning, we barely have a breathe just a breath at
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fairfield and napa and novato and sfo with winds at 3 to 6 miles per hour. we take a look at the temperatures. from richmond and san mateo, about 47 degrees and fairfield and lafayette at 46 and redwood city at 49, and cupertino is at 43 and newark is 45 and am speed a warm spot at 51 degrees. today and the next seven days this area of high pressure is making an omega block which drops anchors when it is in place and it takes forever for something to come along and move it out of the way so a warm and dry pattern is just now developing and it will see our temperatures surge possibly near 70's at the coast and 80's at the bay and even 90's in the seven-day outlook. today, 74 in milpitas. the cooler temperatures in the santa clara valley and 78 in gilroy and los gatos. we will start at 72 in millbrae
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and warm to 75 in palo alto and 74 in menlo park today and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and sun will set at 64 so the sunshine is not too breezy, a good day to be at the beach. low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and the exception is santa rosa and low do mid-70's along the east bay shore and inland, walnut creek and san ramon and antioch, the warm spot at 78. tonight, a mild night, temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's. now, the seven-day outlook shows a weak cold front pushing a few clouds near the coast and a little high clouds for the prosecute of us holding our temperatures the same as today and there you go, by monday, we are nearly 90 inland and mid-80's at the bay and mid-60's at the coast staying close to those temperatures tuesday and wednesday next week. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> we have an update from san
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francisco, a code four so the suspicious package investigation will wrap up soon but streets south of union square are shut down including market and mission and around 3rd. grant, too. that means bart will be affected in that area at montgomery street escalators shut down. in dixon, i will give you an update, this is a sig-alert that happened shutting down the entire freeway as you make your drive into davis and that is all due to a serious injury crash landing a helicopter to take the victim to an area so eastbound 80 before dixon avenue, both sides of the freeway are shut down. >> thank you. cupertino based apple is losing its shine. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> if diamonds are a girl's best friend this one is a bfs. >> she is america's favorite
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>> we continue to follow breaking news in san francisco, live pictures of the market-street area around 3rd and 4th with streets shut down because of a suspicious package. they have given the area an all clear and they are slowly starting to on the streets if that area. the thing is, that is where the earthquake commemoration for the 1906 great quake was supposed to be and nowen is moved to union
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square to postpone the commemoration event to start at 5:30 but it is leaving after determining the suspicious package was nothing dangerous and the area is getting the all clear. a huge court victory in the city of san francisco rent control ordinance is constitutional residents own their home but rent their land protected by san rafael rent control law but i was ruled unconstitutional. the higher court overturned that rueing. the lawyer representing san rafael says that the decision will protect mobile home owner in 100 cities and counties with similar rent control laws. >> hopefully this will bring it to rest. it is clear that court thinks it is a settled issue and all of the other litigation that has gone on across the street will be put to rest by this case.
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>> the company did not return our phone calls. >> starbucks is testing out a few new products at seattle locations including spice root beer, ginger ale and lemon ale. a blogger says they were created line a coffee and done in ashinger with water and a few ingredients and the blast is carbonated. starbucks is looking if a way to get into the soft drink market. and now the bloomberg business report from jane king. >> the job market is getting on its feet those on the hunt looking to land a job are relying on smartphones for job leads with linked enable to look up job openings and you can
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tailor it to what you are looking for. apple is losing their shine. the supplier of audio chips is hinting sales of the iphone are not so hot. therefore, sales of apple dropped to $400 a share the lowest level since december of 2011. down 34 percent from the record high set last september. more food companies and restaurant chains start displaying nutritional information and calories, hershey is looking to put that information front and center. in a few months you will notice packages of hershey products with the nutritional information on the front of the package. >> check this out, a rare gem got a pretty penny at auction. >> i can watch this video all day, a pink diamond selling for $32.3 million 9 second highest for a jew yell sold at auction the 34.65 diamond was discovered
5:22 am
300 years ago in india. it belonged to an indian prince. the seller and buyer want to remain acommon miscellaneous. if you made it into a ring it would be heavy. i would have to lift weights. >> ring or earrings? >> earrings, of course, but you have to get me another for the other side. >> right! >> can you say cubic zirconia. >> from our roof camera to the bay bridge. redwood city is 74 today. three degrees warmer-than-average. the high pressure has taken over. the storm track is well up to the north and that is where it will stay for the better part of the next seven, eight, nine, ten days. we are out of the rain season. upper 70's through the central
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valley today and mid-60's in machine tray and yosemite and sunshine there at 57 at tahoe and 58 at eureka and mid-to-upper 70's around san diego and los angeles. palm springs is the warm spot at 85. now, the morning commute. >> you her it from kristen, all clear in san francisco, the area where we did have closures because of police activity which has were ad up. so montgomery is back in rung order. we have two sig-alerts with two lanes block because of a big rig accident. the drive coming from livermore to dublin/pleasanton, it will be tougher today. the drive through san jose shows clear, no accidents out there, but we are following another sig-alert that happened in diction on with the details coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, leyla gulen, eric is paying close attention to
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this. new research finds there is a biological reason why some men find it difficult to read women's emotions. scientists gave male volunteers a brain scan looking at pictures of people's eyes and asked to describe how the people were feeling, the men found it twice as hard to guess a woman's mood as a man. the particpants understood what other men felt by remembering similar moments in their own lives but when they looked at women's eyes they found themselves...mystified. this meant that men found it harder to identify and feel for women's feelings. >> images of destruction with the latest from the town of west, texas, on the deadly fertilizer plant explosion. >> shock at a bay area company, some of the products helped
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> the breaking news is in downtown san francisco where police have just given the all-clear after a suspicious package was found on market street. police report they evacuated the intersection for a while and the first block of grant avenue was closed. the city moved the memorial service commemorting the 107th anniversary of the great san francisco quake and fire to union square. that come mechaniccation was to start at 5:12 but it did not happen now it is going to happen any second in union square. we will follow the situation and keep you updated. that suspicious package was nothing. >> bad news is the sirens which normally sound at time of the
5:28 am
earthquake 1307 -- 107 years ago could not do it. >> we also have breaking news following the news from texas, daylight soon and crews will get the first real look at the extent of the damage from a powerful explosion that flattened a small town in texas. >> between five and 15 people are believed dead. the number of injuries are approaching 200. it is all in the town of west, texas, 20 miles from waco. we go to our news reporter in washington, dc. >> goodgood morning, officials y this now is a search-and-rescue operation. they are going to homes and businesses leveled by the explosion trying to find any victims. they are saying there are between five and 15 dead but the number could go up. we here there are several missing firefighters and 180 people are injured. >> the massive explosion and
5:29 am
fire at fertilizer plant in west, texas, caused flames to leap into the sky. it was such a strong blast it registered as an earthquake with reports of numerous degrees and 200 injuries. (inaudible). >> shrapnel was flying everywhere. worst thing i have ever seen. >> the explosion levels up to 75 to 100 homes and businesses around the plant. officials are going home to home looking for individuals. >> the most devastating thing that has happened to this community. >> the blast damaged a nursing home forcing the evacuation of 130 patients. >> there were some people in wheelchairs and others were trapped in the rooms. they had sheet rock on top of them. >> there was a triage center on
5:30 am
the football field of the school to treat injured but they evacuated the area because of possibility of more explosions. >> our house is destroyed. i was standing outside when it hit. it felt like the whole road just picked up. >> the city mayor says there is no longer any concern about a second poll explosion. at this point there are no answers on the cause but a team with the chemical board is headed that way to help with the investigation. in washington, dc, for abc7 news. back to you. >> the blast shook the earth so hard it actually measured as a 2 .1 magnitude seismic event.
5:31 am
the explosion was above ground it could be felt below grounds and here are two minutes of data with the first burst of negative were the ground waves and the second was from the sound traveling through the air. >> we have new images from the moments after the explosion. an amateur picture showing the huge fireball that rose like a mushroom cloud into the air from the fertilizer plant. >> fire chief in menlo park has extensive experience dealing with search-and-rescue operations worldwide and spoke with us of the challenges that rescue teams now face. >> trying to find out who was in the homes they have. i could see the residential area in close proximity to the site and fortunately, if you call it font, the school that is absolutely next door to the site was empty at 8:00 at night. they caught a break there.
5:32 am
they will have a significant secondary operation that will last days in terms of large area of search. >> officials say it will be some time before they necessity how many were killed in the explosion. >> abc7 news reporter is headed to west, texas, to bring us live coverage of the plant explosion. the town is called west, texas, not the geographic region. there will be more reports on abc7 news with updates being tweeted to you. >> we will have continuing coverage of the plant explosion with updates here and on you and follow us, also, on twitter for any breaking news developments. >> the president and the first lady will be in boston to attend a tribute to the marathon bombing victims. monday's explosion killed three people and wounded more than
5:33 am
170. at least 14 of the victims remain in critical condition. investigators say they are making progress in their search for the bomber. surveillance video shows a man dropping off a bag at the bombing site. >> the surveillance video at the lord & taylor or from local television, they could be able to use facial recognition software to run that face against databases. >> f.b.i. agents are also examining the remains of a treasure cooker recovered at the scene and the president is expected to speak about first responders to the attack focusing on their horror -- heroism. >> a local company has products that helped detonate the boston bombs. the pictures from the f.b.i. show a battery with the name of a company based in fremont that makes compact batteries designed to fit in compact remote-controlled carors trucks
5:34 am
that can only be ordered online or purchased through specialty hobby shops. the company has contacted the f.b.i. to provide whatever information they can. >> today, a run and vigil will be held in the east bay to on the victims of the boston becamings. the group responsible if organizing the oakland running festival is planned a three mile run that is a mile for each victim killed in the attack. the run will start on college avenue and end at snow park. runners will hold a moment of silence for the victims. abc7 news will break in to program when the president visits boston this morning, scheduled do speak some time after 8:00 this morning our time at abc7 news reporter will continue to report open latest developments live great boston at 6:30 this morning and you can follow her, as well. >> an investigation is underway after san francisco police shot and killed a man accused of stabbing his brother-in-law and
5:35 am
going after officers with a hammer. the suspect called 9-1-1 around 9:45 to report the stabbing. on arrival the officers found the victim suffering stab wounds to his head, arms, and chest and police say the suspect came at them with a hammer while they were trying to help the victim. an officer shot the suspect to stop him and he died at the hospital. the victim suffered serious injuries but is expected to survive. >> concord police are hunting for the three men behind a daring jewelry store robbery at a macy's store during business hours. amy hollyfield is at the mall with more. >> the mall was open when the men stormed in, grabbed some jewelry, and escaped. they covered their tracks. police are still looking for the three plane who did this. they robbed a macy's in concord last month. they wore jackets with hoods over their heads. police do not have a good description. witnesses say they smashed on the jewelry case with a hammer,
5:36 am
grabbed some jewelry and left at 8:45 last night much the mall was open and it is open until 9:00. they took off in a stolen toyota camry. police found it but they found it abandoned in pleasant hill. they believe they probably got into another car and took off. they have no description of there car. no one saw that happen. if you know anything you are unusualed to call police because at this point it appears they got the jewelry and they got away. >> happening now, petaluma police are searching for a woman in connection with a heist at kohl's after loading two shopping carls with merchandise and blazed them near a store exit when they say a man driving a blue van drove up and loaded the merchandise into a vehicle and drove off. if you recognize the van or
5:37 am
woman caught petaluma police. the weather is chilly but well climb the ladder. >> dress accordingly but right now, mike? >> good morning, here is live doppler 7 hd and you may have noticed getting continually dry with winds ating hike a hair dryer and pulled in dry air so watch out for static electricity and your lips and sinuses will bother you with all of 9 pollen. the winds are nonexistent at three to six miles per hour and light and variable in their speed and movement. that means high pressure, a direct reflection of high pressure. 39 in petaluma is the cool spot. we have 41 in pleasanton and
5:38 am
santa clara and 43 in saratoga and palo alto is 42 is walnut creek is 44 and san leandro and belmont at 49 and as we head through noon, most of us are near 70 away from the coast where we will be at 60 and check out the mid-to-upper 70's at 4:00 and mid-60's at the coast, with temperatures 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us and the same tomorrow with a few more clouds and even warmer, low-to-mid 80's away from the beaches saturday and sunday and in the 60's. leyla gulen? >> we are tracking the sig-alert in in dublin with a solid backup because of a big rig crash that hit another car and now someone is pinned in the other car. we are looking at two lanes blocked, right before you reach the 680 freeway, we are seeing very slow speed and we will look look at our waze act, they are
5:39 am
stuck in heavy traffic, look at this picket, it is looking like a terrible drive out there because of the wazers for sending us. bumper to bumper track. there is another sig-alert in dixon because of another big rig accident. it looks like we have all lanes blocked so a helicopter could land and take the victims do an area hospital. kristen? eric? >> coming up, turning down the volume. 9 latest challenge facing america's cup concert this summer. >> an emotional game for the sacramento
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> state lawmakers have rejected a proposal to let california teachers carry guns on school campuses. a republican assemblyman introduced the bill after the sandy hook elementary school shootings in connecticut that would allow school districts to train staff to carry weapons on a volunteer basis. he was the only pen of the assembly education committee to vote in favor of the bill. >> promoters face another five
5:43 am
over a concert series schedules during the america's cup races on san francisco bay this summer. live nation has permanents to hold up to 30 concerts from late may through mid-october but neighbors are appealing the permits in a may 8 hearing date set. neighbors say there will be too many concerts generating too much noise and congestion and they want limits on the permits. >> the kings might have played the final game in sacramento losing to the clippers in the finale and the owners will now debate whether to approve the sale and relocation to seattle. the sacramento mayor has put together a group of owner whose submit add competing offer. thousands stayed after the game chanting "here we stay" and "save our team." they return to the court after getting dressed to thank the fans for support. the commissioner says no decision has been made. >> there is a committee with
5:44 am
additional questions as they go through this in great detail about deals, finances, real estate, challenges, environmental reviews, lawsuits and the like. >> today owners will be briefed of the kings' future at the meeting of the board of directors. the commissioner says the final decision is unlikely until at least may. >> the city of oakland is holding a rally at 10:00 this morning at the city center for the warriors who will make the second playoff appearance in the past 19 seasons. last night the warriors beat portland to security the 6th seed in the western conference setting up the first round series against the nuggets with game one saturday in denver. the war are i don'ts made history last night with four, three pointers against the trail blazers beating a single season three-point record of ray allen. >> the weather will be good,
5:45 am
right, for the rally? >> absolutely. a lot of warm weather. we are talking temperatures above average. check out san jose, mid-70's. by the end of the week you are in the mid-to-upper 80's headed through next week. a town of summer coming in your forecast. that is the weekend ahead in san jose right now, very quiet on live doppler 7 hd with a lot of dry, still air. you can see it from the east bay hills camera, high definition look back all the way to san francisco a weak boundary will move there the neighborhood and slow our warming trend and then it will be stronger as we head through the weekend and into next week with san jose. that will be a reflection of most of the bay area. low pressure finally is pulling away from us with high pressure
5:46 am
rolling in and in a dominant area of high pressure bringing us the warm and dry the pa eastern. temperatures already today are well above average. mid-to-upper 70's throughout the santa clara valley. if you are headed to the beach, santa cruz is 75. the peninsula, low-to-mid 70's, delightful day. low-to-mid 60's along the coast. daily difficult is 63 degrees today. we will have upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco. cool spot is in the north bay sausalito at 70 and at the beaches, low 60's, as you head into the valleys we will have mid-to-upper 70's. on the east bay shore, low-to-mid 70's with 75 in oakland and east bay valley not so breezy as they have been, no need to worry about tree limbs or anything like that in your yard when you get home from work later today. upper 70's, mid-to-upper 70's. tonight, good sleeping weather with upper 40's inland and a lot of low-to-mid 50's.
5:47 am
our three microclimates surge in the seven-day outlook, with a few high clouds tomorrow, we are the same. saturday we are four degrees warmer. check out the temperatures on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, we will flirt with 90 inland and low-to-mid 80's at the bay and mid-60's at the coast. leyla? >> we have a sig-alert in dublin westbound before 680 because of an injury crash with a big rig. two lanes are blocked and heavy bumper to bumper traffic and speeds are five miles per hour and down to nine miles per hour. take dublin boulevard as the alternate. folks are stuck in nasty traffic there. the other sig-alert is in effect eastbound 80 before dixon avenue. this is another injury accident landing a medivac helicopter to take the victims to the area hospital and that shut down. no word when this will re-open. as we look at your drive this is
5:48 am
along the san mateo bridge, it is clear out here so no problems moving out of hayward to foster city. in san jose, the drive along northbound 280 coming away from 17, all clear out there. kristen and eric? >> coming up, zeroing in on a suspect. we. get a live report from abc7 news from boston with the latest on the hunt for the bomber. >> we continue to follow breaking news from texas the aftermath of a devastating explosion at a fertilizer plant. it occurred in west, texas, and fecials -- officials are looking at what they are facing. >> at&t has reward money to crack a vandalism case and
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>> welcome back on this thursday. at&t and south bay police are asking for your help in tracking down the vandal whose cut phone service to thousands of customers in santa clara county. abc7 news got a look at the bomb where a batch of fibers were caught tuesday morning south of san jose. at&t is offering $250,000 reward for information in the case. whoever cut the phone lines is believed responsible for shooting up a bank of
5:52 am
transformers at a pg&e yard nearby and may have to take the transformers out of service. >> and new water front home of san francisco explore term with a night of entertainment. the science museum opened at 15 on the embarcardero yesterday. look at that. it delighted the public with a laser-like art show, part of which was projected from the roof of our building here at abc7 news. until this, it was located at the palace of fine arts and you can enjoy the light show again tonight, too. >> will the skies be clear? >> here is a question for mike. >> mike? >> they will be crystal clear and not so cool as last night. here is a look at what is going on this morning from our roof camera to the left would be the exploritorium but we are looking back to the port of oakland. temperatures compared to
5:53 am
yesterday, will it be from three degrees warmer in san francisco to 15 in concord and san jose. it is quiet radar wise across the entire state, and we will have temperatures in the mid-60's at monterey and yosemite and 57 at tahoe and upper 70's through the central valley to los angeles. >> we head back to dublin we are tracking a sig-alert and a big rig accident blocking two lanes causing quite the damage. coming out of livermore, look at that, nine miles per hour and five miles per hour and the wazers make their way into dublin/pleasanton and it is bumper to bumper track so you have plenty of company out there. what you can do is take dublin boulevard as the alternate, instead, and now we will look at your drive, along the bay bridge, a beautiful sight and moving into treasure island, that is it, another update for
5:54 am
you coming up. police are wanting us about con artists taking advantage of victims trying to help those from boston. twitter shut down the account but more than 125 boston-related dough main names were registered within hours of the bombings, many suspected as fake charities. avoid being scammed and donate only to established charities. check out unfamiliar organizations. >> it is 5:57. coming up, first a fire and then the explosion. daylight is giving rescuers a look at the carnage from a massive blast at a texas fertilizer laboratory and new information on how many people were injured. >> breaking news from san francisco, where the annual tribute to the great earthquake and fire of 1906 has been
5:55 am
disrupted and change because of a suspicious
5:56 am
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> our breaking news stunning video from texas this morning when a fertilizer laboratory is flattened after a major explosion and the number of injuries and number of those killed continue to rise. it is thursday at 6:00, thanks for joining us. >> we are following that breaking news from texas between five and 15 people are dead and at least 180 people have been taken to the hospital in the aftermath of last night's blast. it is happening in the town of west, on miles northwest of waco. here is abc7 news reporter with the latest. >> the massive explosion and fire at the fertilizer plant in
5:58 am
the city of west, texas, has flamed leaping into the night sky. the blast was so strong it registered as an earthquake. there are reports of numerous deaths and 200 injuries. (inaudible). worst thing i have ever seen. >> the explosion leveled 75 to 100 homes and businesses around the plant. officials now are going home to home looking for victims. >> the most devastating thing that has happened to the community, a big old cut we have across our heart. >> the blast damaged a nursing home forcing the evacuation of 130 patients. >> there were people in wheelchairs and we had others that were just trapped in the rooms with cheat rock on top of them. authorities originally set up a triage center on the football field of the school to treat the injured but concerns of possible
5:59 am
chemicals were another explosion forced the chemicals to evacuate the area. >> devastating. our house is destroyed. i was standing outside on the street watching the flames and the explosion hit. >> the city's mayor said there is no longer concern about a second possible explosion. no answers on what caused it but a team from the chemical safety board is on its way to help in the investigation. >> tomorrow it will be 20 years sin another huge fire in nearby waco, texas, caught the nation's attention on april 19, 1993, a stand off between the f.b.i. and a religious cult ended in a tragic fire following a 50-day siege. 82 members of the cult and four federal agents lost their lives in the tragedy.

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